Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

  • This website, www.airshop.gr is being run by the company Theodoridis Bros & Co. which is headquartered in Thessaloniki on the road 3 N. Kountouriotou str, P.C. 54625, TRN (Tax Registrasion Number) 999382514, Tax B Thessaloniki, Tourism Enterprises Registration Number and GNTO number 09.33.E.60.00007.2800. The company is being represented by Mr. Theodoridis Spiros and Mr. Theodoridis Kornilios.
  • The general terms that are mentioned, govern for now all the services that are being displayed and offered from airshop.gr. The offer of that service can be done either through our website, or by calling our agency, or directly by coming at the airshop.gr company. By making a reservation, or purchase a product or service offered through airshop.gr the user implicitly accepts these General Terms. Airshop.gr has been developed in order to provide its users the oppurtinity to collect information on tourist goods and to mediate in the reservation of tourism services. Booking and purchase of airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations, cruises, guided tours and trips, ferry tickets and other tourist services which are offered by the displayed providers on the website of each tourist service. The provision of airshop.gr is exclusively suggested for mediation between users and providers and the liability is limited only to the fulfillment of that benefit. Responsible for the fulfillment of the agreements that were made through the website is each provider solely. The user should consult the general Terms and Conditions of the organizers/providers accordingly. If a reservation is made, the contract binds only the user and the provider of that specific product or service. The reservation of products or services through the website is possible only if the product or service is available.
  • For the majority of services there is a reservation possibility, which means prior commitment of the available sercice upon explicit order from the respective user. The reservation order binds the user, who has to pay the correspodning price in any case, unless otherwise specified by the cancellation service chosen. Following the reservation procedure as it has been developed and provided by this website, each user instucts airshop.gr to mediate for supplying the selected goods that are being provided. The confirmation of reservations is made by the provider and airshop.gr undertakes to notify the user/client for the confirmation. Each user has to notice and accept the conditions that each provider has set for the purchase of goods and he also receives and carries the responsibility. In case of short-term changes to any service by the chosen provider, for example, in case of delay or cancellation of the flight, car type, accommodation etc., airshop.gr will try to contact the user via telephone or e-mail and inform the user if we have a timely update. For alterations, delays and cancellations of flights or other travel services and products airshop.gr bears no responsibility. The user is responsible for compliance with the conditions set by each provider, such as time of check-in or confirmation of return flight. The user is informed by the provider about these conditions. In the event of terms violation on behalf of the user, airshop.gr has the right to reject any order concerning the reservation.
  • In case of reservation-buying of a service through our website, the user will receive a confirmation via e-mail. The user has to check immediately the correctness of the personal details (name, last name departure-arrival date, destination, etc.) and inform airshop.gr for possible mistakes that have been made. The user's name has to be writen exactly as it is on the passport or identiy. Any mistake about which we are notified after one working day, will not be taken into consideration. In no case can airshop.gr ensure that the error correction will be free of charge even if we are notified well in advance. Some providers, such as low cost carriers do not allow any error correction after the reservation has been completed. It needs to be mentioned that the ultimely error notification or the impossibility to correct them does not establish any right of withdrawal from the contract. The flight tickets are electronically sent to the user via e-mail. In special cases they can be received from the airline's office at the airport or our agency offices. In case that the user does not receive the ticket, he has to contact us. In the case of hotel reservations the user receives a confirmation e-mail and the prepaid order (Voucher) for the hotel. The user will have to print and carry the voucher along upon arrival at the hotel. In case of a car rental, the user receives a confirmation e-mail, which he has to present at the rental agency. If the rental is prepaid, the user will also receive the voucher, which has to be presented at the rental agency. When it comes to organized excursions as well as Fly & Drive package holidays, the user receives a confirmation e-mail. The participant information sheet for the organized trip can be collected either from the airshop.gr agency, or via e-mail one week before departure. The ferries tickets for domestic and overseas destinations are sent to the customer by post, courier or the customer can collect them from our agency. There is also the possibility to receive them from the ship carrier's kiosk at the departure port (usually located inside the gate of the ship), in which case the customer receives the reservation number via e-mail or phone. Airshop.gr bears no responsibility for loss of tickets or travel documents, which are sent through post. Airshop.gr bears no responsibility for the travel documents (passports, visa, etc.) that the customer has to carry with him. The retrieval of the required documents is the passenger's obligation.
  • Our agency offers you telephone support and you can visit our support service the following hours:
    Winter hours (October-May)
    Monday-Friday: 9:00-18:00
    Saturday: 09:30-14:30

    Summer hours (June-September)
    Monday-Friday: 9:00-20:00
    Saturday: 09:30-14:30

    Requests of any kind that are addressed to us outside the above working hours in any given way (e.g e-mail, telephone or voice message, etc.) are considered to have a reception date the next working day, depending on the type of the request and based on the working hours of our agency.
  • Access to the website and reception of the displayed goods requires the disclosure of the personal information to airshop.gr in order to achieve safe provision and reception of the requested goods. Users need to disclose all the required and necessary information (name, e-mail address, mailing address, telephone number and credit card information) so that the provision is completed. By entering the requested data each user gives his consent to the collection, use and process of his personal data in order to receive the requested goods. Airshop.gr collects and maintains only the personal data that each user enters in the corresponding fields. Purpose of the collection, use and process of the personal data, is to provide services and the supply of goods through airshop.gr, for the reception of which the use and process of the data is required. Each user who accepts these terms provides the explicit and unconditional consent to use, keep, process and transmission of personal information and data that informs the airshop.gr and Third Party Providers in such way as to allow reception of the goods he requested through our website. Airshop.gr has the right to use the provided contact information given by any user for newsletter messages about products, services and relevant offers, if the user has agreed. In case that you do not wish to receive newsletter from airshop.gr you can send an e-mail at support@airshop.gr with the request "I do not wish to receive newsletter". Otherwise you can do it through our website. The collection, maintenance, processing and transmission of personal data that the user discloses are processed pursuant to the provisions of Law 2472/1997 and Law 3471/2006, as in force. Airshop.gr allows access to the user's personal data only to authorized people, who need to have access in order to complete the purpose of gathering, using and processing them. As part of that airshop.gr reserves the right to provide authorized access and/or right to the use of your personal data from other legal or natural people involved in the execution of the process. The security of the user's personal data from third-party providers is determined by the respective terms they have modulated and disclosed. Airshop.gr bears no responsibility for that matter. Airshop.gr reserves the right to use the information in a way that does not enable the identification or disclosure of the person that they concern, for statistical, promotional or research purposes, disclosing them for example, to research companies responsible for the completion of the above purposes.
  • The reward of airshop.gr for the arbitration is incorporated in the full price of the provided service or product. Airshop.gr is informed for the prices of the services by the provider. For price changes from the provider, airshop.gr bears no responsibility. Airshop.gr bears no resposnibility for the reservation fees tha are imposed be the provider in case of cancellation. Those fees burden the customer.
  • Booking a ticket from a low cost carrier sometimes includes only the price of the fare, without the baggage price. Baggage reservation can be done after completing your reservation, with the additional cost that each carrier has determined. If the customer decides to add a baggage after completing the reservation, there will be an additional charge of 5€ from airshop.gr apart from the carrier's price.
  • The payment methods are being displayed at our website accordingly for each product or service. Only the displayed ways are acceptable. Almost every credit card type is acceptable. In case you use another's person card, a written consent is needed and the simultaneous acceptance of the transaction from the card holder through the bank that has issued τηε card. If the acceptance has not been completed from the bank within 72 hours, airshop.gr has the right to cancel to cancel the offered service without further obligation. In case the user chooses to pay with a credit card, the charge is made after completing the reservation. In case you choose to deposit the money at the bank, usually you have to do it withing 24 hours. Before the payoff, airshop.gr is not obliged to send the tickets or other travel documents to the user. In any case, the user is obliged to pay for the services or products he has ordered. Airshop.gr might ask for proof before issuing the ticket (e.g. a copy of the credit card, home address or the deposit receipt).
  • The possibility to alter or cancel a ticket, a trip or another product that airshop.gr provides is dependant upon the terms that each supplier has set.
    Any costs that might arise in the event of cancellation or alteration of a travel service are exclusively determined by the supplier's terms and is charged to the user.
    If the supplier allows cancellations or alterations of the product or service chosen, the users who wish to proceed to alterations or cancellations any reservation has to notify our company in writing via e-mail at info@airshop.gr or via fax at 00302310 527474, informing us about their request.
    If the cancellation/alteration order is sent outside the working hours, then the reception date of the order will be the next working day. The company cannot cancel or alter any reservation unless a writen order on behalf of the customer has been received, as mentioned above. In the event of cancellation or partial cancellation of a reservation, a trip, or any other product or service that the user has booked through airshop.gr, the commission of the company for its mediation is not returned to the user and there is also a fixed charge, as follows:
    Plane Tickets:
    • 15 euros for each one-way domestic ticket, plus the cancellation fee of the airline, if any.
    • 30 euros for each roundtrip domestic ticket, plus the cancellation fee of the airline, if any.
    • 15 euros for each one-way non-domestic ticket, plus the cancellation fee of the airline, if any.
    • 30 euros for each roundtrip non-domestic ticket, plus the cancellation fee of the airline, if any.
    • 30 euros for each one-way transatlantic ticket, plus the cancellation fee of the airline, if any.
    • 60 euros for each roundtrip transatlantic ticket, plus the cancellation fee of the airline, if any.

    Ferries Tickets: 3 euros for every ticket plus the the cancellation fee of the provider, if any.

    Hotels/Cars: Only the cancellation fee of the provider, if any.

    Organised Packages/ Fly & Drive: For cancellations up to 21 prior to departure, the amount withheld for organisational and telecommunicational expenses is 40 euros per person.

    If the cancellation occurs 20-14 days before departure, an additional 35% of the total cost of the trip is withheld. From 13-8 days the withholding amount reaches 50% of the total price of the trip and for 7days or less, the user is liable to withholding of up to 100% of the total trip price. For special departures, holiday seasons, exhibition seasons, cruise trips or trips that require specially chartered flights or boats, the above mentioned time frames may be a lot bigger and the withholding percentages a lot higher.
  • The refund date due to cancellation depends on the type of the service. More specifically, in case of cancellation or change that has to do with flight tickets the refund will be made provided that the airline has continued with the procedure. The refund will be made no sooner than the end of the next month, starting from the cancellation day. For possible delays from the airline, our agency bears no responsibility. For the rest of our services refund will be made 30 days after the cancellation date.
  • In case the user is travelling abroad he has to comply with the regulations in effect that have to do with passports, visa, custom, import-export and health. The responsibility for the compliance of the above burdens the user. For valid information the user has to address to the provider of the trip or at the embassy of the country he is visiting.
  • The information, software, products and services presented in this website may contain inaccurate information or typographical errors. More specifically, airshop.gr and their colleagues do not guarantee the accuracy and disclaim any responsibility for any inaccuracies on hotels, rendered images, product descriptions, hotel services or other descriptions presented on the website, as the majority of those provided directly from their respective suppliers. At times this information change. Airshop.gr, partners and suppliers have the right to improve or change the website whenever they consider it necessary. The carriers, hotels and other suppliers providing travel or other information in airshop.gr website are independent companies and not agents or employees of airshop.gr. Airshop.gr and their associates are not responsible for any acts, errors, omissions, warranties, violation or denial of any supplier or for any personal injury, death, property damage or other losses or damages and costs that may arise. Airshop.gr and their colleagues have no responsibility and overbooking, strike, any event delay, cancellation will not compensate, force majeure or other causes beyond their direct control. Moreover, there is no liability for damages for any additional expense, omission, delay, rerouting or act of any government or other authority. Airshop.gr ’s database contains over 90,000 hotels including some presented with two stars. Those hotels are intended for travellers who wish to travel as economically as possible and are not recommended accommodation to our customers. Our website does not recommend a particular hotel and does not guarantee the quality of all the hotels presented. Airshop.gr makes every possible effort for the good operation of their website. In no case airshop.gr, their colleagues and their respective suppliers are not responsible for any direct, indirect loss arising from / or connected in any way to your use of this Site or with any delay or inability to use this website or any information, software, products or services obtained from this website or otherwise obtained through the use of this site, regardless of whether based on contract, damage or direct responsibility.
  • The use of the site has to be exclusively for legal purposes and be used in a legal way so as no to restrict or prevent its use by others. The user is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law, the principles of morality and the existing terms and not engage in actions or omissions that may cause damage or malfuntion to him or affect and endanger the provision of the airshop.gr services. By using this website the user guarantees that he is at least 18 years old and he meets the legal conditions for the use of this website. The user is obliged to supervise and take responsibility for any use of this website by underage children. The user also guarantees the correctness and completeness of all information and data relating to the user or his family members, which are transmitted under the use of this site. Any reservation made for speculative, misleading purposes or to defraud, aiming to the increase in demand is prohibited. The possibility of reservation of services or products through this website may be used only in case of legal reservations or purchases made in the name of the user or on behalf of whom has the right to act. The user accepts that the abuse of the website's services may result in the exclusion of a particular user from accessing the services of this website. Each user is required to record the correct information when booking. In case of mistake airshop.gr bears no responsibility. If the user represents a company and wants an invoice, he has to enter the correct information for the issue.
  • Copyright and every protected right that is revelant to our website belongs to airshop.gr. All the information on this particular website belong eclusively to airshop.gr. Any copying, distribution, transmission, alteration, resale, creation of derivative work or defraud of the public associated with the real provider of the website's component, is prohibited. The name airshop.gr, as well as every trademark, logo and graphic design that is illustrated in our website is property of airshop.gr or property of third parties.
  • The applicable law in the relations between the user and our website is exclusively the Greek Law, exluding the private International Law. Responsible for resolving disputes which might arise between the parties is the Court of Thessaloniki.
  • Airshop.gr has the right to alter or even update the above terms of transaction concerning the use of this website with future force at any time without having the obligation to inform the user. The general terms of transaction are going to appear on our website as they apply at that moment. By further use of airshop.gr after the modification of the general terms of use, the user accepts their alteration.