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  • Web Developer specializes in online tourism applications. We are interested in enthusiastic individuals to be part of our creative team:
    General Knowledge :
    • Strong understanding of the basic internet communication protocols and architectures (HTTP, REST, SOAP etc)
    • Experience in basic software development and deployment tools (like IDEs, source/version control systems, automation tools etc)

    Must Have :
      - Backend Developer
    • Strong experience in Linux based operating systems
    • Strong exprience in Object Oriented PHP (^5.6|^7.2)
    • Experience in any MVC PHP framework (Symfony, Laravel κτλ)
    • Experience in any RDBMS or NoSQL database system

      - Frontend Developer
    • Experience in CSS preprocessors (Sass/Less)
    • Strong javascript background and experience in any JS MVC framework (Angular/AngularJS)
    • Experience in HTML5 grid-based layout and the Bootstrap framework
    • Basic design skills

    If interested you may send your CV at