About us

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About us

Everything starts from the need and the desire to explore the unknown, the distant and the different. To explain things that remain unexplainable for centuries. Life and travel, two identical, inextricable terms. For some people travelling is life while for the rest life is a journey. Travelling is not just an experience, it is the places that you visit, the people, the names, their customs, their culture, their gestures, their civilization, their language. It is the knowledge you gain, which is just as priceless as life itself.

The destination and purpose of the journey differs from time to time; it might either be the same or different, either unpredictable or fascinating. However, it is always unique and special, like our needs. We do invest in technology, research and human resources, enhancing our services every day in order to cover your needs in the best way.

Everything started in 2006, when a group of people with tenacity, knowledge, ambitions, experience and potential created airshop.gr, in effort to combine everyone’s skills so as to make travelling better and facilitate your need for transport and accommodation. For us, the biggest aim has always been to please the traveller. That is what we have been taught by our predecessors and it is now our turn to pass it on to the next generation.

Our beliefs.

In order to create the best travelling services, technology needs to be combined with experience and knowledge in tourism. Times are changing and so are habits, the world is moving on much faster calling us to keep up with the pace; so we need to listen, evolve and be innovative. Moreover, in order to make dreams come true you need to be well prepared.

Our aspirations.

To make you plan, search, organize, buy and travel. To spur you to live every possible experience that a journey can offer you and share it with your beloved ones. We are dreaming of more and better travelling around the world. We need you to trust us to show you that we can create unique journeys for special people.

Who we are.

We are the supportive team behind your screen. The team which is there for you whenever a difficulty comes up during your journey. We try to develop every single day, in order to offer you innovative and contemporary travelling experience. We want you to find whatever you are looking for quickly and easily and furthermore to make you feel safe during your transactions. We already know that your next journey is going to be an amazing experience. We are the team that cares for you, because we are interested in finding the best choice together.

Every person is different. Every journey is unique.