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Address 257 Gyukpo-Ri Byeonsan-Myun Buan-Gun Jeollabukdo Map
General Info

Located in the Buan, Gwangju, Koreas popular tourist destination, this upscale hotel offers its guests best facilities and comforts. This beach resort offers its guests family friendly zones and a total of 504 guest rooms. Featuring modern design, this extensive property is the best choice for those who want spend a truly memorable stay in this part of Korea. Surrounded with greenery, this property offers a totally beachfront location, so the guests can enjoy the beach and sea effortlessly.

Gwangju Central Hotel

apartment hotel
Address 1218-3 Chipyeong-Dong Seo-Gu Gwangju-Si 502-
Address 11-4 Hwanggum-Dong Dong-Du Gwang Ju-City Korea

Hanok Hotel Youngsanje

apartment hotel
Address 296 Nabul-Ri Samho-Eup Yeongam-Gun Jeollanam

Hiddink Tourist Hotel

apartment hotel
Address 160-1 Bulro-Dong Dong-Gu Gwangju-Si 701-806 K