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Address 10-64-1 Oushuku, Shizukuishi-Cho, Iwate-Gun, Iwate Map
General Info

Being a resort hotel, there is plenty for guests to do and see not only in the surrounding area, but in the hotel itself. "Kenji World", one of the largest indoor water amusement parks with swimming pools and hot spring complexes in the Tohoku area is next to the hotel. Every evening, there is Japanese traditional entertainment, such as drumming and dancing called the "Festival Plaza" (Omatsuri Hiroba). Public hot spring baths are available, including an outdoor bath where guests can enjoy the natural breezes and mountain scenery from the baths. The hotel also has several convention halls and banquet rooms. Chinese speaking staff are available. Guests should allow a stay of two or more nights to really enjoy and get the most from this large scaled resort hotel. All the western style rooms of this hotel are large and spacious, decorated with quilted bedspreads and pale pink furniture. All bathrooms are medium sized and in good condition although guests might also like to take advantage of the several hot spring public baths that the hotel provides. Taiwanese guests can enjoy Taiwanese TV programmes as well. There are several Japanese restaurants, bar and coffee lounge in this hotel and some open until midnight. There are no other restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. Large and spacious with an elegant interior with chandeliers and a high atrium ceiling reaching up to the third floor and plenty of seating.