Seaside Maiko Villa Kobe

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Seaside Maiko Villa

Address 18-11 Higashi Maiko-Cho Tarumi-Ku, Hyogo
Town Kobe
General Info

This hotel is located near The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, which is the longest suspension bridge in the world. Clients can see view of The Bridge from the hotel. It is good access to Awaji Island and Kobe City center. The rooms are medium in size and they are all in very good condition and comfortably equipped with contemporary style offering a warm atmosphere. A selection of Restaurants to choose from ranging from formal to casual restaurants with a cafe, a bar and a lounge as well. The one restaurant and bar are located on the top floor serving seasonal fresh foods and guests can enjoy the views. The lobby is large, modern and luxuriously furnished.


Hotel is beside the coast. It is approximately 7 minutes walk from JR Maiko Station, it is approximately 20 ride from Kobe city center (JR Sannomiya or JR Motomachi Station) to JR Maiko Station by train. There is free shuttle bus that runs between JR Maiko Station and the hotel.