Rakurakuso Ryokan Kameoka

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Rakurakuso Ryokan

Address 44 Kita-Machi, Kameoka City, Kyoto
Town Kameoka
General Info

This Ryokan is registered as National Tangible Cultural Properties and has a long and rich history of the over 100 years. The interior is emphasized the unity of the Japanese and European styles. Also guest can enjoy the beautiful Japanese gardens. The ryokan is the perfect choice for sightseeing around Kameoka. The rooms are Japanese style rooms with private toilet/bath and no beds, furnished with a low table and zabuton floor cushions on Japanese straw tatami mats. By night, the room is transformed with Japanese futons into a sleeping area. Flat screen televisions are available in all rooms. The restaurant is warm welcoming, where refined Italian cuisine is served. Regarding to Japanese Dinner in the room, reservation is needed in advance. Japanese Breakfast is served at banquet or restaurant. Hotel offers various dishes from freshest local products. Lobby is small in size and decorated in warm tone with welcoming atmosphere.