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Airline Tickets from Athens to Tirana

Airline tickets from Athens to Tirana with all airlines. Your search is easier than ever, fill in the dates you want to travel and all available flights from Athens to Tirana will appear on your screen. We negotiate directly, without intermediaries, thousands of airline ticket prices daily, on all flights, with the most reliable airlines that operate flights from Athens to Tirana.

We combine low-cost airlines among themselves as well as with all other airlines that regularly operate routes from Athens to Tirana to give you even more options for your trip. Direct flights or flights with a stop to find the best choice for airline tickets from Athens to Tirana.

The search engine at the top of the page will help you quickly find cheap airline tickets from Athens to Tirana by simply filling in your travel dates. If you are flexible with your travel dates, use the search with prices +/- 3 days for more options. Alternatively, various statistics and links for airline tickets from Athens to Tirana follow. The flights with the most appearances, the most popular ones, those with the shortest waiting time at the airport, the flights with the best duration-price ratio, and of course, the cheapest flights from Athens to Tirana are here!

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Cheap flights from Athens to Tirana

The itineraries we found with the lowest prices from Athens to Tirana

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  • Departure: 18/03/2024
  • 16:40 Athens [ATH]
  • Direct 1h 30mins
  • 17:10 Tirana [TIA]
  • Return: 02/04/2024
  • 15:45 Tirana [TIA]
  • 1 Stop 19h 5mins
  • 11:50 Athens [ATH]
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  • Departure: 05/03/2024
  • 14:30 Athens [ATH]
  • Direct 1h 30mins
  • 15:00 Tirana [TIA]
  • Return: 07/03/2024
  • 03:15 Tirana [TIA]
  • 1 Stop 4h 25mins
  • 08:40 Athens [ATH]
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  • Departure: 07/03/2024
  • 17:30 Athens [ATH]
  • Direct 1h 20mins
  • 17:50 Tirana [TIA]
  • Return: 10/03/2024
  • 14:45 Tirana [TIA]
  • Direct 1h 30mins
  • 17:15 Athens [ATH]
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  • Departure: 09/03/2024
  • 08:45 Athens [ATH]
  • Direct 1h 20mins
  • 09:05 Tirana [TIA]
  • Return: 13/03/2024
  • 09:50 Tirana [TIA]
  • Direct 1h 15mins
  • 12:05 Athens [ATH]
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  • Departure: 12/04/2024
  • 15:40 Athens [ATH]
  • 1 Stop 11h 20mins
  • 02:00 Tirana [TIA]
  • Return: 16/04/2024
  • 15:45 Tirana [TIA]
  • Direct 1h 25mins
  • 18:10 Athens [ATH]
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  • Departure: 02/04/2024
  • 17:45 Athens [ATH]
  • 2 Stops 18h 35mins
  • 11:20 Tirana [TIA]
  • Return: 13/04/2024
  • 18:35 Tirana [TIA]
  • 1 Stop 17h 10mins
  • 12:45 Athens [ATH]

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