Vila Universitaria Cerdanyola Del Valles

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Vila Universitaria

Διεύθυνση Campus De La U.a.b
Πόλη Cerdanyola Del Valles
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This campus is an original option for those who want to stay on a low budget, in a calm and placid student environment but still well connected to the city center. The VILA UNIVERSITARIA offers to the residents all the commercial services you may need: Supermarket, automatic teller machines, laundromat-dry cleaners, cafes and restaurants, etc. They also offers complementary services: Facilities-maintenance services, selective waste collection, park maintenance, mail pick-up and delivery, swimming pool with lifeguard service, permanent security service, health care, satellite dish, grass football field, etc. Rooms are spacious with a kitchen and a full bathroom. There is no air condition. Equipped to satisfy students expectations / needs. There are 2 restaurants in the complex offering menus and a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers, italian and Mediterranean food. There is no proper reception but a office located in front of the hotel SERHS CAMPUS.


The VILA UNIVERSITARIA is a residential complex with 594 rooms located in the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, exactly in the Bellaterra campus (Cerdanyola del Valles). It is only 25min from Barcelona centre and about 30min from the airport. From the Plaza de Catalunya City Center you can take the Ferrocarrils of the Generalitat de Catalunya train to Bellatera station (25 minutes). From there to the Campus there are 15 minutes walking distance. Timetables can be found in The public transport system makes it easily accessible by train or by bus. If travelling by car, the A7 and C-58 motorways ensure fast links to the capital.