Parador Teruel

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Διεύθυνση Ctra.sagunto-Burgos N-234
Πόλη Teruel
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The Parador is located at 2 kms from the nerve center of the city, from the splendid Mudejar tower or the Cathedral. The rooms are bright and cheerful, although the standard is not as good as the rest of the hotel. The furniture is a bit dated. Typical Aragon cuisine includes veal stews of El Castellar, magras al estilo, a chicken dish with pepers, onion and tomatoes known as el pollo al chilindron. The hotel restaurant serves the typical cuisine of Aragon; the chicken in chilindron sauce, the magras of Aragon, the stewed veal from Castellar and concerning the pastry, the suspiros de monja. Inside the building one can see by the arabic details, marble and tiles the remains of oriental influence.


Situated 2 kilometres from Teruel, from this hotel a good view of the capital can be seen. In Teruel, there is an architectural style found nowhere else in the world called mudejar. Its origin is Islamic or oriental and because of this many buildings in Teruel have traces of moorish art.