Parador Puerto Lumbreras

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Διεύθυνση Avda Juan Carlos 1 77
Πόλη Puerto Lumbreras
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The parador is situated in a very accessible place, right at the town entrance. Very spartan in style with all the facilities. Includes a mini bar, bathroom, television and air-conditioning. It is a semi-circular room. Chef specialties are: stuffed aubergin, Murcian salad, white peppered sirloin, almond mousse and bread of Calatravian as a pudding. Medium size, comfortable and elegantly furnished.


The hotel is only a few miles from Lorca. The city presents some of the most magnificent architectures as the 'Colegiata de San Patricio', San Francisco and Carmen Churches, the Town Hall and the Casa de los Guevera. It still exists a feature of the Mourish history in this old kingdom of Granada, which is the old castle with a view to the city.