Parador De Ronda Ronda

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Parador De Ronda

Διεύθυνση Plaza De Espana
Πόλη Ronda
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Places to visit are the Colegiata of Santa Maria la Mayor, the Church of the Espiritu Santo (holy ghost), the Minarete Arabe, the Casa del Gigante, the Puente Nuevo. The mountain area of Ronda is one of the most abrupt land areas within the Penibetic mountain range and it includes splendid panoramic sights between the valley of the Guadalquivir River and the strait of Gibraltar. It is without doubt the place to stay for those who are fond of activities in close contact with nature. Cheerful bedrooms with beautiful views and confortable split-level suites with terraces. The gastronomic side of the Parador includes excellent Andalusian style dishes such a stewed partridge, roast rabbit "a la rotena" almond soup "ajo blanco". Nicetly decorated with plenty of palms. Combines functional and clasical furniture making this area very pleasant.


The hotel occupies a privileged setting in the romantic Malaga locality of Ronda, at the edge of the Tajo, an impressive cliff top some 160 metres over the torrent of the Guadalevin River.