Los Castillarejos Luque

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Los Castillarejos

Διεύθυνση Ctra.co-6203 Km 5,7
Πόλη Luque
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The rural apartments are located in Los Castillarejos Luque, in the Sierra Subb?tica, in the heart of Andalusia. Strategically located in an old Andalusian farmhouse with a large estate of 15 hectares where you can see the countryside of Cordoba, La Sierra de Jaen and Cordoba Subb?ticas. The Castillarejos are just a few meters from the archaeological remains of an Iberian Fortress. It is also situated very near the Natural Park of the Subbetic Mountains and Via Verde Subb?tica and beautiful villages of Luque and Zuheros. The Apartments The Castillarejos offer quality and designs very suggestive. It consists of 14 apartments of different sizes and equipped with all necessary amenities such as swimming pool and common areas. Other amenities/facilities Air conditioned Central heating Wi-Fi Central Heating Dogs allowed Wi-Fi


Distances Airport 95 kms City Centre 2 kms Train Station 76 kms Bus Station 10 kms Beach 127 kms Ski 131 kms

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