Compostela Inn Santiago De Compostela

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Compostela Inn

Διεύθυνση Ctra La Estrada Km3, Rua Das Mamoas De Montouto
Πόλη Santiago De Compostela
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This is unique and cheap way of accommodation for those on a low budget but looking for all the facilities and comfort a hotel can provide.03/09MP The rooms are housed in prefabricated units 200 in total, these are a very singular way of accommodation including in the same area the bathroom with shower, the toilet and the bedroom. All very convenient and functional. There is no lobby but the one of the hotel on the opposite side can be used. The units are mounted on a metallic structure two floors high. There is no restaurant available but the Congreso hotel is just opposite and guests can benefit from all the facilities the hotel provides.


This property is found just a few kilometres from the city centre surrouned by a pleasant scenery shared with hotel Congreso just on the opposite side. There are buses connecting with city centre.