Thanda Game Reserve Hluhluwe

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Thanda Game Reserve

Διεύθυνση Off N2 Near Bayala, 4 Broadacres Drive
Πόλη Hluhluwe
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This South Africa?s top award-winning safari destination is an expression of the magical union of the power of Zulu culture, wildlife, romance and exclusivity. Ignite your imagination and open your mind to an extraordinary experience for your soul, mind and body. The property offers guests a choice between the opulence of the main lodge and the rugged refinement of the safari-style tented camp. Circular in structure and reminiscent of a traditional homestead against a hill, each of the villas boasts a breathtaking view of the surrounding game reserve and has its own spacious lounge area and master bedroom with inter-leading fireplace. The in-house restaurant offers versatile, mouth-watering dishes that appeal to guests of all cultures and nationalities. The hotel boasts a well-stocked wine cellar and cigar bar for the discerning guest. Other amenoties/ services 220 V, Bath tub, Shower, Businesscentre, Pets not allowed