Palace Hakone

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Διεύθυνση 1245 Sengokuhara, Hakonemachi
Πόλη Hakone
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The hotel enriches guest's resort life with facilities such as, the open-air hot spring bath, swimming pool (during summer), and tennis court. Large sized Guestrooms are decorated colourfully, furnished with wisteria vines furniture. The indulgent guestrooms feature television video deck, refrigerator, hair dryer, fee based video programs, and satellite broadcasting programs. Bathroom is large and in good condition. The hotel offers variety of restaurants and bars. Come to "Cafe Restaurant Humming" to try its famous lava stone heated plate dish, Yogan-yaki, which guests can enjoy the original tastes of fresh ingredients while the meal is still hot. Further restaurants include the French cuisine "Asuka", the Japanese cuisine "Sengoku", and the Karaoke bar "Karaoke Bar Piccolo". The lobby is small. The warm light tranquillizes guests from busy daily life.


The hotel is located in the Sengkokuhara area in the famous Hakone area. It is approximately a 120 minutes drive from Shinjuku to bus stop "Palace Hotel Hakone" or otherwise 50 minutes by bus from Odawara Station. A museum and a golf course are near by.

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