Matsui Bekkan Hanakanzashi Ryokan Kyoto

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Matsui Bekkan Hanakanzashi Ryokan

Διεύθυνση Higasi Iru Takakura Rokkaku, Nakagyo-Ku
Πόλη Kyoto
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This Ryokan has a very classical Japanese style and offers special treatment with Japanese hospitality.(0409yy) The rooms are Japanese style rooms with private bath and no beds. By day, the rooms are furnished with a low table and zabuton floor cushions on Japanese straw tatami mats. There is also a sitting area with armchairs and a coffee table. By night, the room is transformed with Japanese futons into a sleeping area. The lobby is small in size and there is some sitting space. The Ryokan is a modern low-rise block building, and the main entrance has a Japanese design touch. If included in the plan, meal is offered to the guest room and seasonal traditional Japanese menus are provided for breakfast and dinner. Dinner is not available if guests arrive after 19 30 pm.


The Ryokan is located in the center of Kyoto City. It takes 10 minutes by taxi from Kyoto JR station and approximately 8 minutes walk from the subway Shijo Station.