Kishu Minabe Royal Minabe

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Kishu Minabe Royal

Διεύθυνση 348 Ohmetsudomari, Minabecho Oaza
Πόλη Minabe
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The hotel has outdoor hot spring bath with ocean view. The hotel is for leisure travelers. All rooms are spacious and comfortable. All are the ocean view side. The bathrooms are small but kept in good condition. There are some choices of restaurants in from Chinese, French and Japanese cuisines. The lobby is large sized. The main banquet room and a lounge are on the same floor.


The hotel is located in the middle of Wakayama prefecture next to Osaka and stands on the shore of the ocean. This area is known for plums, and red turtles. It talks 10 minutes by car from Minabe station on JR Kisei Line running from Tennoji, Osaka in 110 minutes by rapid train. Also Nanki Shirahama Airport is nearby, where has daily flights from Tokyo, providing airport bus and rapid train via Shirahama Station to the hotel. "Adventure World", one of the famous amusement theme parks of the sea animals, is 50 minutes by car.