Kangetsuen Ryokan Obihiro

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Kangetsuen Ryokan

Διεύθυνση 14-2 Tokachigawa, Onsen Minami, Otofuke, Hokkaido
Πόλη Obihiro
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Tokachigawa Onsen is certified as one of the Hokkaido Natural Heritages and famous for "Plant Mohr Hot Spring" which is unique source and which can be found at only a few places in the world, inlcuding Baden Baden in German. The hot spring water contains more component of plant origin, compared with sources in other area The unique nature of the spring is known as "water for beautiful skin." It is one of nice hot spring spots in east Hokkaido. For both leisure and business travelers, it worth stopping and staying there to feel Japanese Onsen Culture. All rooms are in traditional Japanese style with Tatami floor (straw mats). There is no bed facility of Western product. By day, the rooms are furnished with a low table and zabuton floor cushions on Japanese straw mats. There is also a sitting area with two armchairs and a coffee table. By night, the room is transformed with Japanese futons into a sleeping area by room-maid. They are also equipped with modern facilities like a television, direct dial telephone, air-condition and in room safe. Each room has its private bathroom. They are kept clean and in good condition. (Hot water from the bathroom is NOT hot spring one.) Breakfast and dinner will be provided at one of their dinning facilities, if included in plan. A small light meal restaurant, bar lounge and Karaoke bar are also available. For group guests, both Western style and Japanese style banquet rooms are available. The lobby is medium in size. The lobby is adjacent to the lounge area which has additional seating space. A souvenir shop is also located next to the lobby.


This accommodation is Japanese traditional style, Ryokan, located in the heart of Tokachigawa Onsen (hot spring) near Obihiro in Hokkaido. There are public bus from North Exit Bus terminal of JR Obihiro Station several times on afternoon and it takes about 30 minutes to Tokachigawa Onsen. From Tokachi-Obihiro Airport, public bus serves to Tokachigawa Onsen via JR Obihiro Train Station.

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