Daisen Royal Kishimoto

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Daisen Royal

Διεύθυνση 1647-13 Maruyama Nakaso
Πόλη Kishimoto
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The hotel also has hot spring baths, both indoor and outdoor. The hotel has several banqueting and meeting rooms.(03/08 HT) All rooms are spacious and comfortable. The bathrooms are small but kept in good condition. It is large with some sitting space. It is a modern, 7-storey white building. There are some choice of restaurants from Japanese and Western Cuisine.


The resort hotel is located at the foot of Mt. Daisen in Tottori Prefecture, one of the highest mountains in Chugoku region. It takes 30 minutes by car from JR Yonago station on JR Hakubi Line or 45 minutes by car from Yonago Airport. Famous Kaike hot spring is within 30 minutes by car from the hotel.

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