Centleisure Kijima Kogen Beppu Spa

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Centleisure Kijima Kogen

Διεύθυνση 123 Kijima Kogen
Πόλη Beppu Spa
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The hotel provides spectacular views of the Kijima-kogen area. It is easily accessible to kijima-kogen amusement area and other sightseeing spot. (1108YY) The rooms are medium in size and they are good condition. The lobby is medium in size but there is some sitting space. This hotel is low-rise modern building with a resort type feeling and surrounding gardens. The hotel offers a number of type of restaurants with various types of cuisine, which serve seasonal local products.


This resort hotel is located in Kijima-kogen area and is surrounded by forests and mountains. From Beppu city center, it is approximately 40 minutes drive by bus or taxi.