Su Yuan Feng Huang Beijing

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Su Yuan Feng Huang

Διεύθυνση 3 Guang Wai Street Xuawu (Ex. Su Yuan Jin Jiang)
Πόλη Beijing
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The mansion of Su Yuan Jin Jiang River is the luxurious hotel with international level of the Sino-foreign joint venture,managed with full authority by the international management company of group of Jin Jiang Group.The traffic is convenient , is the ideal place of commercial affair, travel, meeting. The hotel has various of rooms from standard room to the president suite, which satisfy different guest's demands. The standard room is in middle size. The restaurants manage from Shanghai cuisine and local speciality mainly to western cuisine. The middle size lobby was decorated with marble floor and crystal pendent-lamps.


The mansion lies by the door overpass of Guangan of Second Ring Road, the north and financial street, adjoint on the west and Beijing West Railway Station.