Vienna House Martinspark Dornbirn

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Vienna House Martinspark

Διεύθυνση Mozartstrasse 2
Πόλη Dornbirn
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Due to the shape of the building resembling an ark twice a day during meal times water cascades down the outside of the restaurant walls. Rooms are on average large in size and in excellent condition the hotel still being relatively new. All are modern and light in design with light wooden fittings and colourful furnishings. Located on the first floor is bright and modern in design and open plan with steps down to the nearby bar/coffe area. The lobby is large and modern in design with tiled floor and a seating area on one side. The lobby is open and high and guests can actually look down into the lobby from the next floor up. The central focal point is a modern work of art in the form of a huge bucket approximately 5 foot high and which is filled virtually full with water and into which a drop of water drops from a point in the ceiling without the bucket ever overflowing.


The hotel is located in the centre of Dornbirn close to all the main shops and restaurants.