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Wtf Hakodate Grande

Διεύθυνση 22-15, Hourai Cho, Hakodate-Shi, Hokkaido
Πόλη Hakodate
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Hakodate is one of the first harbor cities to be opened to international trade after Japan s isolation, and Hakodate has experienced foreign influences to a certain degree. A morning market is held from 5am to noon just a few steps from the main station every day. It is one of the best sightseeing spots in Hakodate, and there are various types of fresh seafood such as crabs, and salmon eggs. The rooms of the hotel are medium in size, but do vary a lot. All rooms are simply decorated and all rooms and bathrooms are in good condition. There is a breakfast room on the ground floor next to the lobby. The lobby is medium in size with tastefully decorated marble floor, and a comfortable seating area. The indoor atrium can also be found in the lobby area, which stretches 2-storey high.


The hotel is located in Hakodate, the gateway to Hokkaido. It is 25 minutes by car and 10 minutes by train from the airport.