Palazzetto Degli Artisti Rome - Colosseo-Forum Romanum

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Palazzetto Degli Artisti

Διεύθυνση Via Della Madonna Dei Monti 108
Πόλη Rome - Colosseo-Forum Romanum
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The Palazzetto degli Artisti is a fashionable hotel in the heart of Rome, famous for its historical value, top-notch service and beautiful surroundings. Here you will find eye-catching open-air museums housing beautiful Roman antiques. You will be able to experience history by visiting the Pantheon, the Vittorio Emanuele Monument, the Barberini Palace and Isola Tiberina - all thanks to the hotel's fantastic location. This fashionable getaway is within close proximity to the Roman Forum and serves as an ideal destination for spending unforgettable nights in the historic capital. The building in which it resides features a light cream facade along with blue-hued shutters. It traces its early roots to the early nineteenth century and is located in one of the more serene areas within the Monti Quarter in ancient Rome, between Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum. The hotel was created from a novel concept that fosters innovation as ancient architecture is paired with modern comforts. From the top floor terrace guests can garner exquisite views of Roman ruins, baroque churches and coveted monuments out over the ancient city. The hotel is driven by 'ospitalita' or giving personalized attention to each and every one of its guests. All suites have been carefully and uniquely decorated with a minimalistic design, each interplaying black and white and boasting fabulous views of the Roman Forum. After exploring everything Rome has to offer, the suites provide the perfect setting for taking a breather and unwinding. These spaces are both spacious and tranquil; they strive to make business and leisure travellers alike feel completely relaxed and right at home. Sit comfortably on a red or white couch and look behind you as impressive portraits enrich white walls. Coziness and a sleek design make for a wonderful stay.